“My Bear”

A friend wrote this for me to honor my dog Bear….

When I say “Boo Bear” I want you to know
I’m not talking about a stuffed toy
When you talk to him he “cocks” his head,
My 100 pound bundle of joy.
His muzzle so masculine we go for our walks,
My protector on leash beside me.
Mention his friends: he knows them by name
Whether it’s Otto, Sadie or Freddie
He whispers to Nathan, “I want a playmate”
“A poodle or Lhasa would be nice”
“But on the other paw, I might just get jealous,
My nose out of joint to be precise!!
He has a way of fattening his lips
Whenever you talk to him
But just don.t mention the groomers or vet,
Chances of him loving it are slim!
I know how he likes his chow, chow, chow
And he loves to play hide and seek.
With his possum in his mouth, a toy one of course,
His “soccer ball” passed by his feet
He lies on the bathroom floor standing guard,
While mommy her shower takes.
I have to go with him outside for his “business”
Like most dogs it’s CATS that he hates!
He loves getting cookies, his favorite treat.
His attributes there are so many
But there’s a hole he fills in my heart
From losing my “Lucky Penny!”
Bear will be with us till he passes away
To that doggy heaven in the sky.
But until that time comes, I treasure him,
For Bear’s “The apple of my eye”

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear

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This Was Like Bear Yesterday!


Bear didn’t want to go either! Tee hee, the vet said he was a very good boy though!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear

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Yam Chips


My Niece and nephew know how much I love chips, they remind their mama to always have some around for me! Tee hee

So this morning I made home made yam chips! Yummmmmy!
I forgot to add that the dish that it is in is a repurposed candle dish! When the candle was done I cleaned it all up and it can be used as candy or snack dish or olive dish! Ideas are endless!

Hugz Lisa and Bear

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Yesterday’s Movie Watch….

I watched a favorite of mine, “The Hunt for Red October” it was released on March 2, 1990.Red-October-posterThe story in based in 1984 when the USSR’s best submarine captain Marco Ramius violates orders and heads for the United States. The question is, is he trying to defect, or start a war? This is a wonderful film and it’s based on Tom Clancy’s book. Here are photos of the actors in the film who I am fond of.

connerySean Connery is a superb actor, I love his voice too! JamesEarlJonesThe great James Earl Jones! Awesome!!!!! Wonderful voice!!! Baryshnikov SpecialAlec Baldwin! Awesome!!!!!sam-neill-505575Sam Neill! ScottGlennScott Glenn! This is a photo of him in the film!

This is a great movie and has a wonderful cast!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear (movie-holics)


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Knit Fun…


My knit blanket is getting bigger! I’m using variegated color for my next section and it is looking good!


Here is a lady bug that was walking on my car! They are so cute!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear

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Chuckle of the Day…..

Unfortunately we live across from a very crappy rental house. The house is bad disrepair it really should be torn down. The owner hasn’t had very good luck getting decent renters in there. These people who just moved out left tons of garbage out front of the house and a crappy old car in the driveway and also one on at the curb.

One neighbor just on the other side of the house went out and stacked up the cardboard for recycling. He should not have to do that at all but he is sick of looking at all that crap too.

We called the police on the abandoned car…..DSC_0002A deputy came out right away and tagged the car for tow and marked the tires! The Sheriff’s office is really good about keeping up with goings on in the neighborhood! It helps too that we live really close to one of their offices! We love them!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear


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Cooking Day…..

Yay, I successfully made it through some cooking today! It’s really hard on my poor bad feet but I made it! ChiliHome made chili ready for the freezer!HugeLasagnaA huge pan of home made lasagna! My hubby loves this a lot too! It’s also ready for the freezer!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear


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