Rusty Ole Max

Rusty ole car goes up and down the tracks. Weather beaten, worn, tired ole Max! Like a timex, it takes a lickin’, much to our amazement the ole train keeps a tickin’ !

Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey!


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Yay, Fixed AC Unit!

Yay, my air conditioning unit is back and working! It needed a Flux Capacitor and the repairman had to go back to the future to get one! Hahahahaha! I love being so silly!

It feels good to have it back!

Hugz from a Happy Blondie and Lucy Girl


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Duke the Sweetest Labrador

I got to stop and see my friend today and this is his sweet fur kid Duke! Duke loved me petting him with his tail wagging and sweet kisses! He like most dogs is camera shy but I got these cute portraits of him to honor him!

Love ya Duke!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy Girl



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Lucy Adores Walks

This was taken on another day but we got our walk in this morning, we started at 1:08 am and power walked! On our street at the Andi House we saw the two huge rabbits again! It was so cool! They were playing together! Lucy didn’t bark at them! She could tell they were not cats. When she sees cats I put her in heel and try to discourage her from barking!

It’s hard to curb her natural instinct to want to chase them.  I hope we see the rabbits again tomorrow!

Happy Thursday Friends!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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Lucy Got A Bath!

Miss Lucy got her first bath at my house and she was such a good girl! She almost jumped out but made her stay cuz she wasn’t done being rinsed! Her coat is easy to dry since she has much less fur than what Bear had! She feels so nice and clean!

Friday or Saturday afternoon my floors get their deep cleaning done! I don’t like my house smelling like DOG! tee hee!

Hugz Blondie and a clean Miss Lucy


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My girl sure loves her yard just like Bear did! She protects it too! She is good with people when I have friends over which is awesome! She keeps her eye on her ball as I try and get her portrait! Looks like she is smiling with her rope in her jaws!

I am so happy I have her! She is my little princess!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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Sad Sad Sunflowers!

I adore sun flowers! These guys are sad! They are droopy and they lost their sunglasses!

Hugz Blondie Lucy


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