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Today’s German Shepherd Chuckle

This is so much like Bear! So very protective! tee hee!

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This Ole Lady Has Fun!

I ran to the store for some things this morning and I saw this mondo coffee mug and I had to have it! Reminded me of the episode that Jennifer Aniston sang the song to her baby in the show … Continue reading

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Precious Pooch Gets a Bath

Bear is saying: “thbpttttt to a bath” tee hee! actually he is so good about climbing in the tub. He doesn’t like the process but he feels so much better afterwards! After his fur is fully dry, he will get … Continue reading

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Lil Angel Closes Her Eyes for Photos!

She cracks me up, every time you try to take her photo she closes her eyes! Makes you smile!!!! Sweet little girl! Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear  

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Bear Was Very Good Boy!!

Bear and I were out doing yard work today, a young gentlemen who lives in the neighborhood always walks his dog and stops to say hi to Bear. They were doing so good with each other, he asked if his … Continue reading

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I wished I had snapped the pic one second later, cuz his mouth was just open like he was going to cry! Poor baby wanted nothing to do with me! His mama said “You smell like dog” I was laughing … Continue reading

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Squirrel Portrait!

Take the photo quick before the squirrel takes off! They are so cute! Friday chuckle of the day! Have a great weekend friends! Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear  

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