Poem I Wrote For My Husband Long Ago!

I was cleaning on two rooms in my house and found a scrapbook I had made for my husband. I used to write poetry and here is one I had written for him! I am feeling nostalgic and usually do around the holidays. I miss him a lot! This is a fond memory & I had forgotten that I wrote it for him! I decided to share and bring you some joy!

True Love

My love for you
will never die
But grows fonder
every day!

I can’t believe
How much you have
Made me happy
In every way!

I wish to share
My life with you
I give you my heart
And devotion

They way you show me
How much that you care
Fills me with such emotion!

I cannot believe
How lucky I am
I keep pinching myself
Is this real?

Don’t ever be afraid
To express yourself
And show me how
You really feel!

If you’re ever depressed
or have a Ruff-Day
Just close your eyes
and embrace

The thought of us together
In each others arms
Should bring a warm & happy
Smile upon your face!

I think of you constantly
twenty-four seven
And when I’m with you
or talk to you
I’m in seventh heaven.

Just pinch me & shake me
To make sure I’m aware
This isn’t a dream
But it’s real!

I’ve never been treated
with such tender loving care
I hope that you realize
Jut how good you make me feel!

I cannot believe
This has happened to me
But it fills me with such elation
I’m willing to give you 100%
And more of my total dedication

This poem was written
Especially for you
To express how much
That I care!

And to let you know
I’m deeply in love with you
And that for you
I will always be there!


We were each other rock, each other’s touch stone! He helped keep me grounded! I sure hope that you enjoyed this poem! It is a fond memory for me and dear to my heart!

Hugz and Happy Thanksgiving!
Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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Pancake & Bacon Breakfast

I spoiled myself, made home made blueberry pancakes and I seasoned my bacon with black pepper, then sprinkled brown sugar on top and baked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees!

Nice tasty treat! I have leftovers for a few days now! The trick is to not want to eat all of the bacon! tee hee! Pancakes too of course!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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Fall Heavy Rail Train Track Beauty

Leaves grace the Heavy Rail Train Tracks in Hillsboro!

Have a wonderful week friends!
Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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My Sunday….

I bet you didn’t know chickens lay potatoes! Hahahaha, this is my cute chicken basket! I walked Lucy, went grocery shopping and raked leaves. Brrrr it’s cold outside. Now it’s time for coffee and watch Law and Order!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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I Love Hawk Babies….

I call them Hawk Babies! My term on endearment for them! I love the and someday I will have an awesome photo of them! It always makes my day when I see them!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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Puddle Fun….

From Hillsboro to Cleveland, here is some puddle fun! On my way back to my train captured its reflection in the puddle. At Cleveland captured this pretty lone leaf resting in the water.

Happy Weekend Wishes Friends!
Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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Gifts Of Joy Given to Me Today!

Well my day was brightened today! My leader gave me coffee this morning! What a nice treat! My buddy and his wife went on a wonderful trip on their vacation and they brought me back this cute turtle! I have named him Tilson! Tilson and Tadpole make best train buddies!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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