Beach Animals….

Had fun at the beach with friends, enjoying nature too!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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Calais & Her Furbulous Family Member…

Took a bit for this adorable pooch to warm up to me but he is so very sweet! I love his face! So gentle! He loves his Sis Calais! Will Shake for treats!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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Lucy Chuckles…


Bear used to drink water pretty carefully. Well not miss dainty looking Lucy! She looks like a trotting princess when she walks but when she drinks water she is Miss Piggy! Hopefully this mat will help as I don’t want my floor ruined from water!

Hugz from Blondie and Lucy Girl


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May Your Day Be Bunnies!

Sis and I saw this bunny eating his breakfast at Drift Creek Falls Trailhead!

May your day be sweet as bunnies!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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My New Fur Kid Companion…

Meet Lucy, she is a four year old female German shepherd. Some would probably think it’s too soon to get a pet after losing Bear. I could not handle my house being so quiet and I was getting pretty depressed.

I got an older dog because since I work it’s too hard to raise a puppy by myself. I keep reminding myself that she is different from Bear. Bear and I were so very close and I am hoping to develop that kind of relationship with Lucy.

She is very sweet and I have yet to even hear her bark. She is helping fill the void of loneliness which is a good thing.

i am still very much mourning the loss of Bear and he will be honored in a big way in my home!

Hugz From Blondie and Sweet Lucy!


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In LOVING Memory of My Precious “Bear”

Dignified Pet Services did an awesome job taking care of my precious fur kid Bear! I am going to get all of his paw prints framed and put up a special shelf and have a wall dedicated to my best friend to display photos of his life time with me! I was so blessed to have been able to be his mommy for his life on this earth! Mommy misses you Bear very much!

Hugz Blondie


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Beach Sunset

Gorgeous beach sunset!

Hugz Blondie


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