Cooking & Crafting

I made home made cauliflower soup and it has some broccoli and tomato, carrots, onions, celery in it and with a creamy cheese sauce in it too for richness! It is oh so good! I got two bears done now! Yay they look so cute!

Hugz Blondie


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Honoring My Lucy Goosey

Honoring My beloved Lucy Goosey in my artwork on my walls! I will have to go through pics and have some made up of Bear too to put on my walls! The stuffed animals are supposed to be replicas of both my beloved fur kids!

I am working on a scrapbook for both of them too! I sure love them! My heart melts every time I see a German Shepherd out in the world too!

Hugz Blondie


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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cuteness!

I went to a breeder today and got to visit with her and see her Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s! Oh my gosh they are so cute! Autumn really liked me a lot! Of course the other corgi’s did too! It was so nice of the breeder to chat with me for two hours! I had a good time! I am trying to decide what I want for my future fur kid!

Hugz Blondie


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Simple Summer Dessert

I had a friend over yesterday and made us taco salad for dinner and this simple summer dessert of strawberries and raspberries with home made whipped cream with a small amount of powdered sugar and vanilla. Very refreshing and so good!

Hugz Blondie


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Geese Family

My friends took me to the park and we got to enjoy the Canadian geese and their babies! So very cute!

Yay tomorrow is Friday! My favorite day!

Hugz Blondie


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My Cows Collection


I love cows and I just got this vintage milking set from my friend in Spain! Yessss it looks so kewl in my kitchen!

Hugz Blondie


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Yay I Saw Elk!!!!!!

I was so excited to see these Elk at Fort Stevens! They are so beautiful!

Hugz Blondie


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