Happy Wednesday from The Girls! Puppy Smiles

Happy Wednesday wishes from my girls!

Hugz Blondie, Molly & Katy


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Monday Moo!!

May your work week Moo-ve by quickly! Have a Moovelous one friends!

Hugz Blondie and Little Miss Molly


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Steak Yummy Dinner

I was wanting steak for dinner so I had a small piece of it with canned sweet potatoes. Molly got a small taste with some of the juice on her dinner too. We are both loving the air conditioner with this heat wave!

Hugz Blondie & Miss Molly


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My Crochet Police Bears!

I just finished my Alaska State Troopers teddy bear! I looked online to do my best to match their uniform colors! Yay he turned out soooo cute! I love my police bears!

Hugz Blondie


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Gift Success and Fun with Friends

To end my vacation spent a nice evening with friends. We went to McMenamins and had a good time visiting and people watching. Monday was hard to get back into the groove since by the end of my vacation I was just getting used to  and having fun staying up late.

I feel much better this morning starting to adjust to my routine!

Have a super week friends!
Hugz Blondie and Molly


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My Crochet Thin Blue Line Bear


I just completed this adorable Thin Blue Line Police Bear! I will be making a Thin Red Line Fire Bear as well! He turned out so well!

Hugz Blondie


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Day with My Molly

Today I have another craft project started, I made a white bean chili for myself and it didn’t take that long to make! Tastes to good! Miss Molly went to the vet today to get established, and get looked over. She got medicine in her ears for yeast infection and she got her shot! Dr really likes her! The vet tech said she is so sweet!

I made beef jerky for the very first time today! Not bad for my first time! I will get better as I practice! I am going to make more next weekend and add garlic to it! This is a fun new hobby!

Hugz Blondie and Miss Molly


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