Elks Lodge Fun…

These were taken at the Elks Lodge where we had my husband’s Celebration of Life. When I saw the Elk trophies I told my step son that I bet they are not Moose (hahaha) and asked him to take the photos for me since my hands were full!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear


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Gibbs Rules…


I am an NCIS fan and now I have a Gibbs Rules coffee cup! yay

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Gifts From Two of My Passengers…

My buddy Elynor gave me this adorable Indian Doll in a dream catcher and Indian Fry Bread Mix for an early birthday present! She really made my day! Then a couple stops down the tracks another sweet lady gave me chocolates! How cool is that! They brightened my day and spoiled me!

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Yummy Pasta Salad!


From my new Trisha Yearwood cookbook I just made this yummy pasta salad which is her husband Garth’s recipe! Oh it is so good! Simple and easy and so yummy

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I Needed A Smile Today….

I was in my kitchen cooking and happened to look out my window and saw these Canadian Geese in my neighbors yard! I RAN and grabbed my camera to take pics before they decided to waddle off!

I needed a smile today and these geese which I have never seen geese in our yards before, their little visit brightened my day!

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Pink Flamingos….


Hubby took this beautiful pic of the Pink Flamingos a long time ago! They are gorgeous birds!!! Pink was hubby’s favorite color too!

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Movie The First Wives Club…

I just watched the First Wives Club with wonderful actress Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton! I love it when they sing the song “You Don’t Own Me”! It was a good chick flick!

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