Decorated the Top of My Hutch

I just acquired the birdcage decor to go along with my rooster and basket! Looks good on my hutch against my chocolate wall! Slowly making my home cozy and perfect!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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Lucy Got Her Bark Box

Lucy got her New York themed bark box today! She loves it!!! The toys look of excellent quality! She liked the treats too!

From a happy Lucy Goosey!


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Pumpkin Flower for Halloween Fun!

Pretty Pumpkin Flower! Halloween mood!

Hugz from Blondie and Lucy Goosey


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Tuesday Smiles….

Lucy didn’t like the thunder, she was barking at it! It helped that I closed the curtain and turned on the television to distract her from it.

May your wishes never be upside down! tee hee! Happy Tuesday friends!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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Blondie’s Cooking….

I am so used to cooking huge! When you all alone it is hard still to deviate from that! So when I made a huge batch of spaghetti, I can’t eat it all! So I put it in gallon size bags for single servings, wrapped in foil and put them in the freezer for future meals!

Fall means yummy acorn squash! I already ate most of one! Some is going in my lunch tomorrow!

The salad has lots of goodness in it! Cabbage, Kale, Iceberg lettuce, Italian onion, Fennel and the usual salad suspects! That will be going in my lunch this week too!

Then I just made ribeye steaks, it is topped with roasted garlic! Pan seared then finished in the oven! I think I am set for the week with food!

Lucy and I are tired as we did 3 walks today plus my chores I had to do! Now it is time to put jammies on and relax! I don’t know how to do that very well! There is always something that needs to be done!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey Girl


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Lucy Says Happy Friday

Lucy Goosey is happy it’s Friday!

Have a great weekend! Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce!

This morning I put spaghetti sauce in crock pot! My kitchen smelled so good when I got home!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


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