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A Couple Positives of the Day…

Tried to be sneaky but he knows when I take his pics! Silly Boy A friend gave me the very cute green frog! He is really good quality train pet! I received my safe driver award! Yay! Hugz Blondie and … Continue reading

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My Fur Kid Melts My Heart…

Precious boy is content and happy! He sure enriches my life! Big gentle giant but fierce protector too! No one messes with his mama! Hugz Blonde and Boo Bear  

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Bear Was Very Good Boy!!

Bear and I were out doing yard work today, a young gentlemen who lives in the neighborhood always walks his dog and stops to say hi to Bear. They were doing so good with each other, he asked if his … Continue reading

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I’m Blessed to Have this Fur~Angel In my Life

Awww he winked at me! He does that a lot! He is so kewl, he follows me everywhere. A true companion! He comforts me when I am down or have bad days! How could you not smile T a winking … Continue reading

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Bear Smiles….

How can you resist such a cute German Shepherd smile? This girl can’t! He wins Paws down! Tee hee Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear  

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Bear Starts His New Meds Today

My precious boy started his new meds today. His specialist vet says he more than likely has fungal disease in his sinuses. We are hopeful the meds will help him. The disease will never go away. I was talking to … Continue reading

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Miss Coco, Fun Day at Sis House

Miss Coco loves snuggling with Auntie Lisa! Look at that awesome chicken on Sis’s traeger, wow was it ever good! Next time I will bring chicken for her to cook for me to bring one home too! Yummilicious! That a … Continue reading

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