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I Wished I Could Turn Back Time! Memories & Fondness of the Heart!

I wished I could turn back time! To be with my beloved Boo Bear some more! He was so very loyal and special to me! He had my heart! He was my best friend! I will always love him! Forever … Continue reading

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Cute Bear as Puppy

Bear was so handsome throughout his whole life, but I am not partial or anything like that!  Tee Hee! I loved the band of white on his neck but as he got older that went basically away. I was so … Continue reading

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Flash Back of Me and My Baby Boy Bear

This was in 2007, back when on a rare time I had my nails done, my hair was long and my beloved shepherd was a puppy! Fond me,pries of my fur kid! Here is to hoping for cooler weather! Hugz … Continue reading

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Ok Molly is Re-Named!

With her little ears she looks just like Gizmo from the Gremlins! I can’t resist that cute name for her! Two special people thinks it’s so perfect for her! Therefore she is officially Gizmo! Hugz Blondie and Gizmo  

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Fur Kid Smiles!

My fur kids bring me such joy! Molly’s personality is showing now and she isn’t as scared anymore! She is my baby girl and she knows it! Katie knows she is my baby girl too! “Hey Katie, you head goes … Continue reading

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Happy Wednesday from The Girls! Puppy Smiles

Happy Wednesday wishes from my girls! Hugz Blondie, Molly & Katy  

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Food & My Fur Kid!

I made a yummy veggie dish for dinner that has bacon, bok choy, collard greens and I added spinach. It had a yummy sauce made of coconut milk, mustard and soy sauce! Wow it was so good! This recipe is … Continue reading

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