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Cork Wine Chuckles!

When I was opening my bottle of wine for my Friday treat, I loved the “Cheers” on the cork! Then after opening, the other side says “Enjoy” That made me chuckle!!! That is a keeper! Of course I keep my … Continue reading

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Lucy Arranged Her Stuffed Animal!

Looks like Lucy intentionally arranged her stuffed animals in her bed a certain way! This caught my eye and cracked me up! Lucy chuckles for you! Hugz Blondie and Lucy  

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Lost Sole ~ Chuckles

  Oh where oh where did the sock mate go? Oh where oh where could it be? The gremlins stole it from the wash, I’m afraid it’s mate is history! Ooookag, time for silly me to go to bed! Hugz … Continue reading

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Rusty Ole Max

Rusty ole car goes up and down the tracks. Weather beaten, worn, tired ole Max! Like a timex, it takes a lickin’, much to our amazement the ole train keeps a tickin’ ! Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey!  

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Yay, Fixed AC Unit!

Yay, my air conditioning unit is back and working! It needed a Flux Capacitor and the repairman had to go back to the future to get one! Hahahahaha! I love being so silly! It feels good to have it back! … Continue reading

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Lucy Got A Bath!

Miss Lucy got her first bath at my house and she was such a good girl! She almost jumped out but made her stay cuz she wasn’t done being rinsed! Her coat is easy to dry since she has much … Continue reading

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Camera Shy Lucy!

Lucy is so funny! Bear was camera shy too! I like to try and sneak a good portrait of her! The lighting wasn’t right anyhow! But we had fun and I know these will make you laugh! Her eyes and … Continue reading

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