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My Fur Kid Helping Me Mow

My boy loves helping me in the yard! Well he likes to bite the tires of the mower, I have to really watch him and tell him NO, cuz I don’t want him hurt! He thinks the mower is a … Continue reading

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Stanley the Baby Sloth

Ok, the first one I think it was getting time for me to just go home! Twisted sense of humor! I call this Baby Sloth because I have the exact one but much bigger on my bed! Had to have … Continue reading

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Superman, Or Spiderman!

It is amazing to me that these guys are this brave to scale the sides of building to wash windows! They obviously are not afraid of height or of falling! I would not want to try their job! Kudos to … Continue reading

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‘Rowwwwr, Bad Hair Monday”

Chuckle of the day! Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear!  

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Work Chuckles

A passenger asked me if my window was missing. It surprised her that she could see me clearly. I cracked up, she had no idea I could open the windows on my train! I said it makes it nice having … Continue reading

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Happy Wednesday Wishes

Happiness is making my dog smile! I have been tired the last couple of days. It’s been like pulling teeth to get one of my doctors to fill a needed prescription. I called it in the beginning of last week … Continue reading

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Cat Chuckles…

This adorable funny photo belongs to Sis Andi’s cat named Bell! It just totally cracks me up! I’m waiting for him to say “meeeeeeeeearw” Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear  

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