Hot Diggity Dawg It’s Friday!




This is an old house, it sat further back on the property. One day when Bear and I were on our walk, we saw they moved the whole house to the front of the property. Wow that had to cost some major money! There had to be a huge reason for having to do that!

I am glad they are able to keep the old house though!

Happy Friday Hugz!
Blondie and Boo Bear

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I love crochet, knitting, photography, dogs, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, music ,blogging and did I mention dogs? I also love to collect movies which is a big hobby of mine!
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3 Responses to Hot Diggity Dawg It’s Friday!

  1. Rowena says:

    I’m going to let my imaginaton run wild and say that they moved the house to the front so that they can make a huge garden in the back!

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