My Gift Arrived Today!


My friend Elizabeth sent me this adorable Royal Canadian Mounted Police teddy bear! He is so cute!!!!

On his tag it gives the RCMP history which is so cool!!! Here is what it says:

“Originally called the North-West Mounted Police, this force was set up in 1873 by Canada’s first Prime minister Sir John A. MacDonald in response to the growth and expansion into the Western frontier and into areas of Native settlements. This Mounted Force was entrusted with the responsibility of establishing friendly relations with the Indian tribes and maintaining peace as settlers arrived.

Throughout the first few years, a small but determined force forged Westward to restore peace and order to the Western Territories, and clear the way for Transcontinental Railway, linking the East and West.

The expansion of the Railway, with the establishment of Fort outposts, created trading centers throughout the West.

There are many accounts of the brave Police Officers facing down larger forces to preserve the peace and order.

Throughout the Gold Rush, the Mounted Police expanded their detachments into all but the most Northerly Arctic islands.

By 1914, the Mounted Police had achieved an international reputation, for their role in Western Canada’s orderly development.

The Fore continued to evolve through the First World War, and in 1920 was combined with the Dominion Police Force from Eastern Canada, to enforce Federal law from Atlantic to Pacific.

In keeping with its new role, it was renamed the “Royal Canadian Mounted Police”


I hope you enjoyed a bit of history about the RCMP!

Hugz Blondie and her new stuffed bear!

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