Wheaten Terrier….

I have 3 lady friends that I see every morning as they walk by my train while I am on my break. One of them has a Wheaten Terrier who is so very sweet and he really really likes me!


This isn’t him, but this is what he looks like! Laddie is so sweet and he likes to give me kisses! I have never heard him bark, is a very friendly dog! His mama got him from Ireland! So very cool!

He is a very neat dog breed! I enjoy doing research on dog breeds! Always considering what type of dog I want in the future!

Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear


About blondie63

I love crochet, knitting, photography, dogs, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, music ,blogging and did I mention dogs? I also love to collect movies which is a big hobby of mine!
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1 Response to Wheaten Terrier….

  1. Sheryl says:

    We used to have a neighbor with a Wheaten Terrier. It was a lovely dog.

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