Honoring My Loss of Hubby & Bear

It has been 10 months since my husband passed away and two months since Bear passed away. Daffodils were one of hubby’s favorite flowers. Around the 11th of every month is it is hard. November will be the hardest! September 11th is hard for all the loss of the attack on World Trade Center etc too!

Lucy and I are doing good making new memories together!

Hugz Blondie and Lucy


About blondie63

I love crochet, knitting, photography, dogs, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, music ,blogging and did I mention dogs? I also love to collect movies which is a big hobby of mine!
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9 Responses to Honoring My Loss of Hubby & Bear

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Hugs to both of you and empathy too.

  2. koolaidmoms says:

    Thinking of you. ❤

  3. Rowena says:

    Once again Lisa, I am sorry for your loss. Daffodils are my favorite springtime flowers as they are always the first to show themselves in my garden. The other day I thought of you and Bear when I watched the film Megan Leavey. It is based on a true story that emphasizes the unbreakable bonds that we as human beings have for a canine companions.

    • blondie63 says:

      I shall have to watch that! Bear and I were so very close! He was so tune to me it was almost scary in a neat way! Lucy isn’t as bonded as I got her at older age but there is no doubt she loves me!

  4. Oh sweetheart…my heart just breaks for you. I’m so sorry that I was so wrapped up in what was going on with me that I somehow missed this devastation. Please know I love you and pray for you to find peace and happiness again. So much love to you…

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