Weekend Cooking Chores…

This morning I baked a chicken and then made gravy from the pan drippings! So good and makes the kitchen smell yummy with the aromas!

Then I put the carcass in my soup pot along with frozen veggie leavin’s as I like to call them and made a rich broth to put in the fridge to drink! Yes I like to drink it, or use to make a simple soup! Maybe an egg flower soup is in the future! tee hee

The weekend was spent just relaxing with my best little girl! I have been having way too much fun photographing her lately! She doesn’t like her puperazzi mama with the camera, tee hee! Ok maybe she does with a treat for posing!

Have a great week friends!
Hugz Blondie and Gizmo

About blondie63

I love crochet, knitting, photography, dogs, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, music ,blogging and did I mention dogs? I also love to collect movies which is a big hobby of mine!
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