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My little tapestry of greatness! Yarn threads being woven stitch by stitch! So far no mistakes, without a hitch! Every night a knit a little more! To make my project grow and grow Into a blanket or throw! I am … Continue reading

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Knitting Brush Up…

I’m a yarn-a-holic! tee hee! I like to have more than one project going at once! I decided it has been a while since I have knitted so I started this project! Yay no mistakes so far! Later I will … Continue reading

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Knit Baby Blanket Complete

Both sides have the embellishments! It turned out great! I didn’t want to overdo on the embellishments! Yay another project complete and I have so many more in the plans! Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear  

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Craft Happiness…

Got my recertification done for work today. Had just a wee bit of tie to work on my crochet edge on my knit blanket! This weekend it will get it’s kewl embellishments and be complete!It is awesome! I wished I … Continue reading

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A Fun Sunday……….

I don’t have many things from my childhood, so I cherish this photo of chubby little me as a baby! I was born 51 years ago today! I have had a wonderful birthday today! I had gotten my present early. … Continue reading

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One Stitch at a Time……..

I am the good knit witch, creating some fun stuff! It grows with one stitch at a time! It may take a while to get the project done. But it is relaxing to do it even if it takes a … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday…….

I call these my SUNouettes! It was a gorgeous day yesterday!Bear and I were on our walk yesterday and here are the geese protecting their property! The one on the far left is the one who comes after you if … Continue reading

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Monday Blues……….

We saw this downtown fall beauties on our way to the hospital for my husband’s chemo treatment. Monday blues just because it is Monday and poor hubby going through chemo! Ick ick ick!Here is what is on my crochet hook! … Continue reading

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Always Glad Day is Over…. :)

Here is my selfie in my train this morning as I was setting it up in the yard to start my day at o-dark-thirty! I am showing off my new cowl that I finished this weekend!┬áHere I am just about … Continue reading

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Fall Beauty and Craft Beauty!

I was able to squeeze in a walk for my Boo Bear amid the torrential rain storms today! I was so enjoying this big beautiful yellow tree on our walk today! Fantastic!Yay I finished my cowl (COWLabunga)I am so happy … Continue reading

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