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Memory of Bear Wanting Me to Pull Weeds!

He was very expressive! I sure miss him! My silly protective boy! Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey  

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Memories of Bear!

Fond memories of my beloved Bear! He loved sitting near me and was waiting for some of his favorite key words like chow chow chow! I loved so much how expressive he was! Lucy isn’t expressive like Bear was. She … Continue reading

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Poem I Wrote For My Husband Long Ago!

I was cleaning on two rooms in my house and found a scrapbook I had made for my husband. I used to write poetry and here is one I had written for him! I am feeling nostalgic and usually do … Continue reading

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Online Movies, Books, Music Vs. DVD’s, CD’s, Books Calendars…

I recently purchased Season one of Rizzoli and Isles and Alaska State Troopers on Amazon and I watch them on my iPad. This is the first time I have done this. My husband loved ordering movies on iTunes and watching … Continue reading

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A Younger Me…

I went hiking with my hubby a long time ago and we were taking a break!! Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear  

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Photo Memories of Bear When He was a Puppy……

Ahh fond memories of when Bear was a baby. I love his baby teeth! I have two of his baby teeth! That face is so huggable! Here I called him my mini lop because of his ears! Puppy kisses! Here … Continue reading

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Memory of a Rail Car…….

I sure do miss seeing the Caboose at the end of the trains! It was a manned North American railroad car coupled at then end of a freight train. They provided shelter for crew at the end of a train … Continue reading

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