Online Movies, Books, Music Vs. DVD’s, CD’s, Books Calendars…


I recently purchased Season one of Rizzoli and Isles and Alaska State Troopers on Amazon and I watch them on my iPad. This is the first time I have done this. My husband loved ordering movies on iTunes and watching them on his computer or attaching the computer to the tv and watching them from there. I have mixed feelings about online vs. actual DVD!

Online streaming is very convenient but I have been a collector of movies for so long, it is fun having the dvd’s! tee hee! My husband always told me that he is sure there is going to come a day when there won’t be dvd’s anymore and I bet he is right.


Ahhhh my wide variety of my collection! Movie and show happiness!!


Ok I have amassed a pretty good collection of online books! But there is a lot to be said of holding an actual book in your hand!!!! tee hee! I am kind of old school but I delve into the electronic age too!


I have my nice little library of books and music cd’s in my collection! I know I will never get rid of them!


Phone calendar or book calendar?? My hubby and I didn’t agree on this either! Believe it or not, he was a little older than me (not by much) and he loved using the calendar on his phone! I am weird in that I love my calendar book! I do have my contacts on my phone but it is mirrored from my google account so I don’t lose them as that has happened to me in the past. I have a rolodex on my desk with all the numbers written down hard copy in case “POOF” they should disappear off the phone!

Whatever your preference, it is so much fun to watch movies, read books etc!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear


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I love crochet, knitting, photography, dogs, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, music ,blogging and did I mention dogs? I also love to collect movies which is a big hobby of mine!
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2 Responses to Online Movies, Books, Music Vs. DVD’s, CD’s, Books Calendars…

  1. Now that Rolodex idea you got going, THAT’s OLD school! hahaha!
    I like it!!

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