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Sis Made Me This Special Blanket

The material in this blanket is special to me, Sis made this awesome blanket for me! Hugs Blondie and Lucy Goosey  

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Working at Keeping Busy….

So as to not get too depressed after losing my beloved dog, family and friends are keeping me busy which helps! I took this cute purple bear I made and gave it to mom! Check out her cute cat! I … Continue reading

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Pretty Crow-Baby….

Those who are close to me know my blonde-speak, I call cute things (Babies) So I love my crow-babies! tee hee! I am blessed to have a really good Primary Care Physician and his office called me just now to … Continue reading

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Today I Hurt My Right Ankle….

Oh my gosh what a day! For the most part I always watch my feet when I walk and the one time that I didn’t, I stepped on a rock and my ankle twisted to the far right and I … Continue reading

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My New Hutch! Yay

My awesome friends Keith & Penny gave me this hutch! Keith, Don & Tracy were so awesome in helping me get it to my home! Now I can display my grandmother’s china that I inherited! My Eskimo artifacts are displayed … Continue reading

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Sharing My Grief To Help Others!

I love to write and Sis Andi suggested I share my experiences of my grief and also how my new chapter in life is going since then. Every one is different in how they grieve! Just know that if you … Continue reading

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Online Movies, Books, Music Vs. DVD’s, CD’s, Books Calendars…

I recently purchased Season one of Rizzoli and Isles and Alaska State Troopers on Amazon and I watch them on my iPad. This is the first time I have done this. My husband loved ordering movies on iTunes and watching … Continue reading

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