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In Memory of Doris Roberts…

  I like this photo of Ms. Roberts taken by Monty Brinton! I loved her acting on Everybody Loves Raymond and I saw her in ¬†some of my chick flick movies! May she rest in peace and prayers and hugz … Continue reading

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My First Lemon Meringue Pie

I am quite pleased at how my two pies turned out! They have to cool for two hours and then place in the refrigerator to chill! I shall call them patience pies because you have to be patient to eat … Continue reading

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Genuine Swiss Cow Bell…

I love listening to the BBC World Service on my way to work in the morning. I found out that the Swiss cowbells more than likely will become a thing of the past. The decibel of their ring is found … Continue reading

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Blast From Bear’s Past……

This was taken before our neighbor had the new fence put in. Bear loved watching his friend Freddie! He wanted to play with the little guy so bad! Freddie has since crossed over ¬†Rainbow Bridge. Bear still remember’s Freddie’s name! … Continue reading

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Coffee Central…..

I just got this percolator! My grandparents used to have one. On theirs you could see it perking in the lid handle. I wanted this for the nostalgic memories! I am going to try mine out tomorrow after work! Hugz … Continue reading

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Let Your Inner Child Shine……

My blog friend designed this adorable coloring page so I printed it out and I am coloring it! I used to love to color and draw as a kid! It is fun letting my inner child out once in a … Continue reading

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Honoring My Sis Birthday Today………

Today would have been my Sis Vickie’s birthday. She died at the age of 19, because a trucker failed to have his fifth wheel hooked up properly, it detracted from his trailer and killed my sister, her friend and a … Continue reading

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Some Saturday Flower Photo Share…..

Bear and I adore our walks together! We get good exercise and bonding! We also get to totally enjoy what beautiful flowers we see on our way! I always have my camera and get to capture their beauty too! Beautiful … Continue reading

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