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Photos In Transit……

I needed to go downtown today for an appointment and the weather was fantastic! I got a pic of the beautiful red Portland Street Car! I love the elderly couple in the shelter watching me pay tourist! tee hee! Transit … Continue reading

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Portland’s Finest……

I love these guys, working hard always to keep us safe in our city! They always blow me kisses back when they check my train! Hope that your Friday is going much better than mine is! I am hoping my … Continue reading

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Thursday Smiles….

First of all, I am so glad to be done with work because the President is coming to our city. When that happens traffic gets jammed up downtown. I am so glad I am not down there to be in … Continue reading

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“Fall” – back……

This was taken back in the fall, I love our neighborhood fire station with their beautiful trees and I also love the Sheriff cruisers that park there! Makes for a wonderful photo! This “FALL” – back photo is basically my … Continue reading

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Sheriff Deputies Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe! :)

I was doing dishes in my kitchen and looked out the window to see two Sheriff deputies parked out front of our house. They were talking with someone out there for some reason! Keeping our neighborhood safe and sound! I … Continue reading

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Happy Friday….

Portland’s Finest keeping the city safe! They waved at me as they rode their awesome horses by! Made my day!┬áRed beauties showing off their petals! Happy Friday Hugz! Blondie and Boo Bear  

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Some Tuesday Smiles….

Bear snuggled really close to my legs this morning so I couldn’t put my shoes on. I know he was thinking if I can keep her from putting her shoes on she will stay home with me! My precious baby … Continue reading

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