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Puddle Fun….

From Hillsboro to Cleveland, here is some puddle fun! On my way back to my train captured its reflection in the puddle. At Cleveland captured this pretty lone leaf resting in the water. Happy Weekend Wishes Friends! Hugz Blondie and … Continue reading

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Night Train…

I took this when I did a night run on my day off! Happy Thursday wishes friends! Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey  

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Today’s Work Chuckle!

Ok sometimes you just have to laugh! I saw this on the platform at the end of the line! Ok the bunny made me laugh but what in the world is with the blender? Sometimes you just have to laugh! … Continue reading

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Rusty Ole Max

Rusty ole car goes up and down the tracks. Weather beaten, worn, tired ole Max! Like a timex, it takes a lickin’, much to our amazement the ole train keeps a tickin’ ! Hugz Blondie and Lucy Goosey!  

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A Couple Positives of the Day…

Tried to be sneaky but he knows when I take his pics! Silly Boy A friend gave me the very cute green frog! He is really good quality train pet! I received my safe driver award! Yay! Hugz Blondie and … Continue reading

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Yay, It’s Friday and a Beautiful Day!

Sis took this pic of me today! Everyone knows when it’s me cuz they see a stuffed animal in my window! They bring such great joy to me and everyone! Yay happy Friday! This weekend I am spending time with … Continue reading

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Work Chuckles

A passenger asked me if my window was missing. It surprised her that she could see me clearly. I cracked up, she had no idea I could open the windows on my train! I said it makes it nice having … Continue reading

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Sis Snuck Pic of Me

Sis snuck a pic of me so I snuck one of her running back to her bus! I called her Dasher! It was raining and she’s so sweet she would melt! Hugz Blondie and Boo Bear  

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Today I Hurt My Right Ankle….

Oh my gosh what a day! For the most part I always watch my feet when I walk and the one time that I didn’t, I stepped on a rock and my ankle twisted to the far right and I … Continue reading

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Me All Bundled Up…

Me all bundled up this morning! I was wearing the scarf that I had made for my husband a while back. Pink was his favorite color. It sure felt good around my neck this morning! My Supervisor gave me a … Continue reading

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